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The Australian 3-Days: A Synopsis

The ACT has had a 38-year association with the Australian 3-Days which began in Easter 1974 as three-day event organised initially by NSW club, Kareelah.  For the next few years a similar event was conducted by NSW clubs.  In 1978 the ACT became the first Association to conduct the Easter 3-Days which became the Australian 3-Days by 1980, one of the two major carnivals on the Australian orienteering calendar and a key selection trial for national teams.

The Family Relays was added to the Australian 3-Days when the event returned to the ACT in 1983.  The ACT has hosted the 3-Days every five to six years since then, in 1989, 1994, 2000 (when the 3-Days included two World Cup races), 2005 and 2010 (when the Family Relays competition was replaced by the current Family Teams competition).  With the advent of Sprint Distance orienteering, the Prologue for elites was added to the 3-Days and soon became an integral component of the 3-Days.

The Elite classes are always highly-contested and to win the multi-day competition requires a high level of fitness and competence.  Currently three athletes, Nicki Taws, Hanny Allston and Rob Walter, have won the 3-Days on five occasions.

The number of participants varies from year to year (averaging around 700), with the numbers significantly influenced by the location of the 3-Days.  ACT has hosted two events that attracted over 1,000 entries, in 1983 and 2005, but the number of starters on each day was probably just under 1,000.  Few other events have attracted that many competitors in Australia.  The numbers for 2016 will be above average, but they are not likely to reach 1,000.


Program of Events

Prologue – Friday 25 Mar 2016UCSample
Location: University of Canberra
Organising Club: Bush Flyers
Organiser: Toni Brown [email: totoni(at)]
Setter: Grant Bluett
Controller: Dennis Trewin
Provisional Start Window (Elite): 10:50am – 12:15pm
Provisional Start Window (Public): 1:30pm – 2:00pm
Race distance: Sprint Distance
WRE for Elite Races [see Bulletin #1, and Bulletin #2]
Icebug National Orienteering League # 5
For more detailed information, see Elite & Public Prologue

Day 1 – Saturday 26 Mar 2016IsaacsSample
Location: Isaacs Ridge
Organising Club: Abominable O-Men
Organiser: John Scown [email: scown(at)]
Setter: Rob Jessop
Controller: Ann Scown
Provisional Start Window: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Elite race distance: Middle
Non-elite race distance: Long, shortened for multi-day
WRE for Elite Races [see Bulletin #1, and Bulletin #2]
Icebug National Orienteering League # 6
For more detailed information, see Day 1 – Isaacs Ridge

Wildfire Sports, Day 2 – Sunday 27 Mar 2016PrimroseSample
Location: Primrose Valley South
Organising Club: Parawanga Orienteers
Organiser: Bryant Allan
Setter: Liz Abbott
Controller: Bruce Bowen
Provisional Start Window: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Elite race distance: Long
Non-elite race distance: Long, shortened for multi-day
Icebug National Orienteering League # 7
For more detailed information, see Day 2 – The Murdering Shed

Day 3 – Monday 28 Mar 2016PrimroseSample
Location: Foxlow Flats
Organising Club: Red Roos
Organiser: John Sutton
Setters: Ari Piiroinen & Anita Scherrer
Controller: Bill Jones
Provisional Start Window: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Elite race distance: Relay
Non-elite race distance: Long, shortened for multi-day
Icebug National Orienteering League # 8
For more detailed information, see Day 3 – Foxlow Flats

Stephen Goggs is the Carnival Director.
David Hogg is the overall level 3 Controller.


Location & Driving Directions

For directions for all days of the carnival see Location



Entry has closed, however there is Enter-on-the-Day available.



For information about when and where to register when you arrive at the events, see Registration


Program Booklet

An electronic copy of the program booklet is available here: Program



EOD courses are available for all events. See Enter-on-the-Day.



Prologue: Oscar’sThe WellDouble KThe Coffee Grounds

Day 1, 2 & 3: Sly Fox


Australian University Championships

The Australian University Championships are held in conjunction with Day 2 and will be a major trial for selection in the World University Team 2016.
University Sports Co-ordinator: Pat Williams [email: pat.williams(at)]


NSW Middle and Long Distance Championships

The NSW Middle and Long Distance Championships are on the weekend following the Australian Three Days Carnival, very close to Canberra. More information here: NSW Middle & Long Champs


Social Events

For social events during the carnival, see Social Events


Things to do in Canberra

For other events happening in Canberra around the time of the carnival, see here: Things to do



A range of merchandise is available for purchase, see Merchandise.



Embargoes are currently in place, see Embargos.



The Jury for the Sprint Distance World Ranking Event (Elite Prologue) will consist of Christine Brown (Tas.), Kathy Liley (Vic.) and Paul Prudhoe (NSW). The Jury for the Middle Distance World Ranking Event (M/W21E, Day 1) will consist of Christine Brown (Tas.), Barry McCrae (Vic.) and Paul Prudhoe (NSW).

For all other events/ classes, a jury will be drawn from a panel consisting of the following Level 3 Controllers: Liz Bourne (Qld), John Brammall (Tas.), Christine Brown (Tas.), Jenny Casanova (SA), Kathy Liley (Vic.), Andrew Lumsden (NSW), Barry McCrae (Vic.), Russell Candy (WA), Chris Norwood (Vic.), Paul Prudhoe (NSW), Alison Radford (Vic.), Adrian Uppill (SA).