Day 1 – Isaacs Ridge

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IsaacsSampleSaturday, 26 March 2016 – Australian Three Days – Day 1 – Isaacs Ridge



Includes a World Ranking event (Middle Distance discipline) for M/W21 E classes

National Orienteering League Round 2 – Race 6

Map Isaacs Ridge (2016) – extension of the original map used once in 2014
Sample of updated map above.
Old map will be displayed near Registration.
Old map: Isaacs Ridge 2014
Map Scale 1:10,000 for all courses
Contour Interval 5m
Mapper Bob Allison/Hugh Moore
Organiser John Scown (Abominable O-Men)
Course Planner Rob Jessop (Parawanga Orienteers)
Controller Ann Scown
IOF Event Advisor and Controller David Hogg
World Ranking Event WRE for Elite Races [see Bulletin #1, and Bulletin #2]
Terrain An intriguing mix of pine and eucalypt forest. The ridge and northern part of the map has open areas of faster running. Undulating to steep areas with some granite outcrops. A track network exists in the pine areas.
Directions See Location.
Registration Open from 8:00am
Parking Please park as directed. Parking is adjacent to the arena.
Toilets Adjacent to the Arena
Arena See map
Start Start for all courses is 1.3km, uphill (120m climb), from the arena.
Warm up area On the way to the start or an area bounded to the east by the track to the start and north by the fence. The area will be clearly signposted.
All other areas are considered out of bounds.
Start Times From 09:30am.
M21AS Sledge mass start at 9:15am [Sledge Information]
As this is a World Ranking Event for M/W21E, the start list for these classes will be grouped by ranking with the highest ranked competitors starting in the final group. Competitors will be randomized within these groups.
Competitors must be at the start at least 6 minutes before their allocated start time.
Start Start for all courses is 1.3km, uphill (120m climb), from the arena.
Course Closure 2:30pm
Enter on the day Available at Registration. More info here: Enter-on-the-Day.
Winning Times As per Orienteering Australia Foot Rules
Elite race distance Middle Distance
Non-elite race distance Long, shortened for multi-day
Special Information There are 2 finish locations for this event.
Finish 1 – this is adjacent to the arena. Courses 1-9 will use this finish.
Finish 2 – this is 900m from the arena. Courses 10-20 will use this finish. It is adjacent to the walk to the start. After recording your finish punch, hand in your map and then proceed downhill via the taped route to the Download Tent.
Mud Map Day1MudMap


Day 1 Easter 2016 course lengths and climb

Course No. Class Length (km) Climb (m)
1 M21E 6.8  220
2 W21E 5.6  170
3 M20E 6.0  185
4 W20E 5.1  155
5 M21A, M35A 7.8  260
6 M40A 7.5  215
7 M45A 7.1  205
8 W21A, W35A, W40A, M20A, M21AS, M50A 6.4  195
9 W45A, M16A, M55A, M35AS 6.0  180
10 W50A, W21AS, M60A 5.5  165
11 M65A 5.0  155
12 W16A, W55A, W20A 4.8  155
13 W35AS, W60A, M45AS, M70A 3.8  120
14 W65A, M75A, W45AS, M55AS 3.4  100
15 W70A, W75A, M80A, W55AS, M65AS 3.3  85
16 W80A, W85A, M85A, W90A, M90A, W65AS 2.6  60
17 M14A, M Open B, M Junior B 4.2  85
18 W14A, W Open B, W Junior B 3.0  60
19 W12A, M12A, M/W Open Easy, M/W Junior Easy 2.9  80
20 W10A, M10A, W/M10 Novice, M/W Open Very Easy, M/W Junior Very Easy 2.5  65

Courses 1 to 16 are Hard navigation, Course 17 and 18 are Moderate navigation and Courses 19 to 20 are Easy navigation.