2016 Australian Universities Championships

2016_ORIENTEERING_CMYKOrienteering Australia

Responsibility for these Rules is vested in the Australian Universities Sports Federation and may only be amended with their approval, and they are currently under review.

These Championships are held annually as part of the annual “Australian 3 Days” orienteering event during Easter and are conducted under the rules of the Orienteering Australia with the following exceptions:

  1. Team Size
    1.1 Each Member University may enter as many competitors as it wishes but only the best two men and two women will count towards the team’s competition.
  2. Championship Titles
    2.1 The following titles are to be contested:

    • Women’s and Men’s Individual
    • Women’s and Men’s Teams
    • Overall Team.
  3. Championship Scoring
    3.1 The individuals with the best adjusted kilometre rates (AKR) and the teams with the best combined AKR totals will be deemed as winners of the respective contests regardless of race class entered.
    3.2 The following formulae will be used to calculate AKR:
    AKR = time factor x distance factor x difficulty factor
    time factor = time taken / course distance
    distance factor
    = (1 + (M/W21E course distance – competitors course distance)) divided by 100
    difficulty factor = 1.0 for E, A or AS course
    = 1.1 for B class
  4. Hosting Requirement
    4.1 The Host will nominate which of the three days of the competition will count as the Australian Universities Orienteering Championships. This will usually be the second day.

Adopted January 1994