Day 3 – Foxlow Flats

PrimroseSampleMonday, 28 March 2016 – Australian Three Days – Day 3 – Foxlow Flats



National Orienteering League Round 2 – Race 8

Map Foxlow Flats
This is a partial remap and extension of Follow Flats 2006 which was in turn a remap of Antill’s Creek 1982.  Sample of updated map above.
Old map will be displayed near Registration.
Old map: Foxlow 2014
Map Scale 1:10,000 for all classes
Contour Interval 5m
Mapper Revision of previous map by Bob Allison, Hugh Moore and Alex Tarr.
Organiser John Sutton (Red Roos)
Course Planner Ari Piiroinen and Anita Scherrer (Bushflyers)
Controller Bill Jones
Terrain Classic spur gully terrain in which running is generally better on the ridges than in the gullies/creeks. Areas of thicker vegetation are shown as medium green and are at the slow end of runnability. There are also some very steep sided erosion gullies, which include impassable cliffs  – shown on the map either as thick black lines or brown lines with tags. Due to recent regrowth, vegetation boundaries cannot be relied upon for navigation.
Punching System SportIdent
Registration Opens from 8:30am
Start Window 9:30am – 12:15pm
M21AS Sledge chasing starts from 9:30am [Sledge Information]
Travel distance to event [SAME PARKING & ARENA AS DAY 2]
It is around 50 kms to the event arena from the centre of Canberra.  Travel time, however, is likely to be around 60 minutes plus because the road after the turn off to Captain’s Flat is relatively narrow and undulated which limits overtaking/passing opportunities. Further, there is around 10 kilometers of dirt road with the last 8 kilometres on a public road that passes through the Woolcara property – there are also 5 stock grids on this part of the road (some of which have blind crests) and care is also needed in passing livestock grazing near the road on the property.
Directions See Location.
Enter-on-the-day Info Available at Registration. More info here: Enter-on-the-Day.
Winning Times For elites, relay distances with winning times about 45 minutes for M21E and M20E and about 40 minutes for W21E and W20E.  For all other courses, estimated winning times according to Orienteering Australia Foot Rules for 3-day events.
Elite race distance Relay Distance
Non-elite race distance Long, shortened for multi-day
Mud Map


Day 3 Easter 2016 course lengths and climb

Course No. Class Length (km) Climb (m)
1 M21E 7.6 255
2 W21E 6.1 200
3 M20E 6.8 255
4 W20E 5.5 150
5 M21A, M35A 8.1 280
6 M40A 7.4 260
7 M45A 6.4 205
8 W21A, W35A, W40A, M20A, M21AS, M50A 6.2 190
9 W45A, M16A, M55A, M35AS 5.7 200
10 W50A, W21AS, M60A 5.5 150
11 M65A 5.3 170
12 W16A, W55A, W20A 4.9 145
13 W35AS, W60A, M45AS, M70A 4.8 95
14 W65A, M75A, W45AS, M55AS 4.5 105
15 W70A, W75A, M80A, W55AS, M65AS 3.8 120
16 W80A, W85A, M85A, W90A, M90A, W65AS 2.9 80
17 M14A, M Open B, M Junior B 4.8 135
18 W14A, W Open B, W Junior B 3.5 80
19 W12A, M12A, M/W Open Easy, M/W Junior Easy 2.8 50
20 W10A, M10A, W/M10 Novice, M/W Open Very Easy, M/W Junior Very Easy 2.3 35


Courses 1 to 16 are Hard navigation, Course 17 and 18 are Moderate navigation and Courses 19 to 20 are Easy navigation.