Elite & Public Prologue

UCSampleFriday, 25 March 2016 – Australian Three Days – Prologue – University of Canberra

The Prologue is an event for both Elite and public competitors. It will be a World Ranking Event (WRE) for elite competitors, whose results will be added to their results in the 2016 Australian 3-Days. Competitors will not be permitted to start in the Elite classes unless they have advised organisers of their IOF Athlete ID. 
Anybody can enter any of the non-elite classes of the Prologue, but for non-elite competitors it is a single-day event and results will not be added to their results in the Australian 3-Days. To have an official team in the Family Teams competition, one member of the team must be entered in a class on each of the following courses: Course 1 (Men’s elite, Hard1), Course 2 (Women’s elite, Hard 2) and Course 4 (Easy).

The Elite Prologue includes a World Ranking Event – Sprint Discipline

National Orienteering League Round 2 – Race 5

Map University of Canberra (updated map)
Sample of map above.
Previous map of UC: University of Canberra – Nov 2013
Old map will also be on display near Registration.
Map Scale 1:4000
Contour Interval 2.5m
Mapper Bob Allison
Organiser Toni Brown (Bushflyers)
Course Planner Grant Bluett (Abominable O-Men)
Controller Dennis Trewin
IOF Event Advisor and Controller David Hogg
World Ranking Event WRE for Elite Races [see Bulletin #1, and Bulletin #2]
Terrain University buildings and grounds
Punching System SportIdent
SportIdent ActiveCard (SIAC) for Elite classes [supplied]. More info below.
Directions See Location.
Start Times From 10:50 am for Elite classes; from 1:30 pm for the Public Prologue at 1 minute intervals. To ensure we can allow all Public Prologue competitors to start as closely as possible to 1:30pm, there will be multiple competitors from the same course starting at the same time. All Public Prologue competitors will have started by 2:30pm. The start draw for the Elite classes will be in accordance with the standards for WRE events.
Course Closure 4:30pm
Quarantine All elite class competitors must go directly to the quarantine area. It will be open from 10:15 am until the last competitor starts. You will not be allowed to enter the Assembly Area until after you have completed your course. There will be a registration desk and drinking water in the quarantine area. There will also be a grass area for warm up. You will be able to use the toilets adjacent to the quarantine area. You may leave a small bag or clothing in the quarantine area. Items left will be moved so that it is under cover at the beginning of the quarantine area. The quarantine area will be closed until after the last elite competitor finishes so consider getting someone to take a bag with warm clothes to the Assembly area for after the race.
The entrance to the quarantine area is just before you reach the toilets. It will be signposted.
Start Arrangements For the elite competitors, there will be a pre-start in the quarantine area. You will then have 2 minutes to proceed directly along a taped route to the ‘first box’ in the actual start area. The normal start procedure follows except there will be no punching start for the Elite Prologue and start intervals will be at 1 minute.
For Public Prologue competitors, there will be a 3 minute call up. There will be mini-mass starts at 1 minute intervals.
Safety Instructions The normal pre-cautions for a university campus should be taken especially if there are wet conditions and pavements could be slippery. There will be some road crossings. Although traffic is expected to be light, care should still be taken. Special care should be taken around the many construction sites which will be indicated on the map by the usual out of bounds hatching. Other out of bounds areas, such as gardens, will be shown with the usual symbols. Competitors observed entering any out of bounds area will be disqualified. Although it is Good Friday, there will be resident students using the campus on the day of the Prologue. Please take care especially when rounding corners particularly in the area of student residences.
Family Team Events See Family Team Competition
Enter-on-the-day Info Enter on the Day will be available on Course 3 after the last competitor on that course starts. Enquiries should be made at the Registration Desk. More info here: Enter-on-the-Day.
Winning Times 15 minutes for each course
Mud Map  
UC Eateries
  • The Well – pub [Menu]
  • Oscar’s Bakery and Café
  • Double K – (Asian cuisine)
  • The Coffee Grounds Café

These eateries are opening especially for the event. Please support them. They will be signposted from the southern end of the Assembly area.

Official Welcome and Presentations The elite presentations will take place at 12.45pm immediately after the official welcome by the ACT Government Minister for Sport and Recreation.
The presentations for the Family Relays will take place at 3.00pm.
Prizes Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place in Elite Women, Elite Men, Elite Junior Women, and Elite Junior Men.
Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place in the Family Teams outright and the Family Teams Handicapped events.
All children entered in the W/M 12years and W/M 10years will be receive prizes for participation.
Kids Activities These are being organised by David Poland and will commence about 1.15pm after the official welcome. There will be an announcement at the official welcome about the exact arrangements.
Hall of Fame The ACT Sports Hall of Fame is located in the Sporting Commons on the UC campus. It celebrates several notable orienteers. It will be open from 3pm for those who wish to visit. You will need to go almost directly east from the assembly area.
SPORTIdent forum by Siegfried Ritter University of Canberra, Brumbies Theatrette, Building 29, upstairs (enter via East side).
Time 3:00pm to 4:00pm
A map of campus with building numbers is here: http://www.canberra.edu.au/maps/campus-map


Course/Class Details

The lengths shown below are for straight line. Actual lengths will be longer and will be shown on the control descriptions.

Course Length (km)(approx.) Navigational Difficulty Classes
1 3.8 Hard M21E, M20E, Hard1
2 3.0 Hard W21E, W20E, Hard2
3 2.5 Moderate Moderate
4 1.6 Easy Easy


SPORTident AIR+ Punching

All competitors in M/W20E and M/W21E for the Prologue will receive a SPORTident Active Card (SIAC) in their registration envelopes for the use of SPORTident AIR+ punching. This card must be returned after the Prologue when you download at the finish tent. Competitors who lose their card, or do not return their card, will be charged $100 for a replacement.

The following information is some of the instructions of how it works.

Before Starting: At the start of the race competitors have to insert the SIAC in the “CLEAR” station (to clear data) and “CHECK” station (to turn on the radio mode of the chip).

Pre-Start: Competitors will insert their SIAC card into a “CHECK” station during pre-start to confirm that the card is ready for operation.

Start: Competitors do not need to punch a “START” control.

Race: During the race, just bring the SIAC to about 40-50 cm from the control; this will register the punch emitting a sound and a light feedback on the SIAC. In case of malfunction you can always punch in the traditional way (insert the card into the SI station) or manually if necessary. If you run past a control which is not yours and the SIAC card punches continue running your course as usual – the computer will disregard extraneous punches when you download.

Finish: At the end of the race, as competitors pass the finish line, two side plates will automatically record their time and turn off the SIAC. Athletes then must go to the computer station to download the chip and get their time.


SportIdent & Aussieogear

SportIdent and Aussieogear are sponsoring the Prologue by supplying the AIR+ & SIAC equipment.

aussieogear_logo SportIdent