Prologue – Elite Registration

All elite class competitors must go directly to the quarantine area. It will be open from 10:30am until the last competitor starts. You will not be allowed to enter the Assembly Area until after you have completed your course. There will be a registration desk and drinking water in the quarantine area. The quarantine area will be signposted.

Prologue – Non-Elite Registration

In the Arena at the University of Canberra, open from 10:30am.

Registration at Day 1 to Day 3

Registration is in the event arena on these days. Registration opens at 8:00am on Day 1, and at 8:30am on Day 2 & Day 3.

Registration Envelopes

Registration envelopes will contain the following:

  • Program Booklet
  • Chest Numbers (and pins)
  • Where applicable:
    • OA Dinner Tickets
    • Hire SI cards
    • SIAC cards for Elites on Prologue day

Start Lists are available at the registration tent.

Competitors who are travelling alone may leave emergency contact details at registration in the event of a safety issue occurring and family or others need to be contacted.