Prologue – University of Canberra

25 March 2016
8km from Canberra CBD; 23 km from Queanbeyan

Driving Directions:
The parking is off Pantowora St, Bruce on the University Campus. It is 8km from the City Centre using Barry Drive, Haydon Drive and Ginninderra Drive – allow 20 minutes from the City Centre. Use the north entry to the campus off Ginninderra Drive. Follow signs to the parking area which is about 500 metres from the Arena (Assembly Area). From Sydney (Goulburn) enter via the Federal Highway, right on to Mouat St, left on to Ginninderra Drive and follow the above instructions. From Melbourne (Yass) enter via the Barton Highway, turn right on to Gungahlin Drive (at the traffic lights under the overpass), then take the Ginninderra Drive exit and turn right on to Ginninderra Drive and follow the above directions. Parking in any other car park in the university is not permitted. If you park off the university grounds you must enter via Ginninderra Drive and Pantowara St.

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University of Canberra Location Map


Carnival Day 1 – Isaacs Ridge

26 March 2016
15km from Canberra CBD; 15 km from Queanbeyan

Driving Directions:
The arena and parking is on Satchell Pl, Isaacs, approx 14km south of the CBD. Vehicles travelling south on Yamba Drive should turn left, as signposted, onto Julia Flynn Avenue and follow Orienteering signs to parking.Vehicles travelling north on Yamba Drive should turn right, as signposted, onto Dorsch Street and follow Orienteering signs to parking.

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Isaacs Ridge Location Map


Wildfire Sports Day 2 & Carnival Day 3

27 & 28 March 2016
~50km from Canberra CBD; ~30 km from Queanbeyan

Driving directions – concise version:

1. Travel to the Captain’s Flat Road turnoff on King’s Highway
2. Follow the Captain’s Flat Road for 18km and turn right on to Woolcara Lane
3. Travel along Woolcara Lane for 11km [dirt road], and follow signs for parking.


Driving Directions – for those who love detail:


  1. From Canberra City centre travel east towards the airport (this road begins as Parkes Way and becomes Moreshead Drive, Piallago Avenue and past the airport, Yass Road). Travel to Queanbeyan.
  2. Enter Queanbeyan on Yass Rd beneath railway bridge and proceed to large roundabout. Take first exit left onto King’s Highway to Batemans Bay (Highway B52).
  3. Proceed approximately 1.7 km on Kings Highway to roundabout. Take second exit right onto Captain’s Flat Rd.
  4. Proceed on Captain’s Flat Rd for approximately 18 km.
  5. Turn right off Captains Flat road onto Woolcara Lane.
  6. Proceed for 6km to the entrance of Woolcara property (cattle grid and sign) approximately 700 m past Koombalah Rd.
  7. Proceed 6km to parking area (this road is not fenced and has wandering stock and cattle grids with blind crests) Please keep speed to 50kph.


  1. Travel to Wentworth Avenue or Canberra Avenue.
  2. If on Wentworth Avenue proceed southeast toward Queanbeyan to large roundabout. Take first exit onto Canberra Avenue.
  3. Proceed along Canberra Avenue(Highway B52) towards Queanbeyan.
  4. Proceed through Queanbeyan city centre and over river to Yass Road round about. Take second exit to Kings Highway (B52).
  5. Go to (3) above.


  1. Proceed southwest towards Queanbeyan. Turn left at roundabout onto Captains Flat road before reaching Queanbeyan. Go to (4) above.



  1. Take Sutton Road exit left off freeway M23 and proceed south to Yass Rd junction (Sutton Road is a sealed but narrow two-way rural road). Turn left onto Yass Road.
  2. Go to (2) above.


  1. Take Majura Parkway exit off M23 left near edge of Canberra. (Majura Parkway is freeway standard.)
  2. Proceed south to Pialligo Avenue (follow signs to airport). Proceed on Pialligo Ave which becomes Yass Road to Queanbeyan.
  3. Go to (2) above

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Yanununbeyan (Primrose Valley) Location Map



Location Overview Map

Link to Google Map: Australian Three Days Orienteering Carnival 2016 Map

Link to Yanununbeyan:
Yanununbeyan State Conservation Area
Yanununbeyan National Park